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Re: Random Spiritual Thoughts

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:42 pm
by Tara
If you think about it in terms of our unique human evolution, where we became real humans only about 100,000 years ago during the ice age, exhibiting a remarkable transformation from animal to human unparalleled in natural history, it makes sense that our thoughts appear to be illusory. I am not going to argue that compared, for example, to our autonomic system of breathing, that our thoughts are substantial and real. But that doesn’t mean that these coming and going thoughts are not important. They have made us who we are as humans; they have separated us from the animal; they have taken us away from the crude necessities of the physical and given us the luxury of being naked AND smooth. Thoughts have created the human realm as we know it in its entirety, so let’s not be stupid and annoying Buddhists, and insist that our thoughts are nothing but illusions. It makes sense that considering how recent thoughts are in this world in terms of evolutionary time, that they would hardly have had time to enter the biological picture and thereby become as obvious as an arm or a leg or a heart.

So we have developed our thoughts and emotions to the point where we FEEL and experience everything very acutely –- all you have to do is poke us and we feel pain -- and presumably based upon these acutely sensitive sensory abilities we take action to make things as comfortable as possible for all of us. But we haven’t developed to that point, yet, as is more than obvious, where we have become morally responsible for our unique and miraculous sensory and mental development. And that process has also been interdicted by the organization of society into nations, who pattern a selfish, sadistic, pecuniary interest, against the non-suffering interests of humankind. And add to that religions who pattern abandonment of all worldly interests.

Thus, humanity is facing a severe moral problem: our suffering is acute and there is no relief. We are advanced enough to FEEL every pain and sorrow as if it pierced our very heart, but not advanced enough to know how to diminish this pain to a level where life on this planet can be tolerable.

And that is my argument for terminating the human race experiment.

This is my greatest wish: that each and every one of us would go out and bravely advocate for the end of birth, and the hoped-for termination of the human race within 100 years. Who can argue against the suffering of human existence? People who disseminate the idea that the world is basically good, that humans have basic goodness, are in reality completely immoral human beings, and perpetuating the pain of humanity. Who can even stand to go out and see the suffering homeless on the hot summer streets? Who can even imagine the pain people are going through from being sick, broke, hungry, homeless, and jobless? And that's what goes on in the rich countries! What goes on in the poor countries, like Yemen, Africa in general, the middle-east, and in authoritarian dictatorships, should absolutely make us all fall to the ground weeping and wailing and gnashing our teeth.

There will never be happiness in this world as long as one person is suffering. And since we don’t have the political and moral will, and probably also the thought abilities, to stop our collective suffering right this instant, our suffering itself is the supreme moral reason to end the human experiment. At the end of 100 years, no one should ever suffer again.

And it's only making the situation worse when people advocate stopping all thoughts, or "realizing" their insubstantiality.

Do you want to be a "Buddhist" who perpetuates suffering? Then argue that thoughts are illusory, the very thoughts that could save us.

Re: Random Spiritual Thoughts

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 8:45 pm
by Tara
How crazy do you have to be to attack our thinking processes? It seems plain on its face that those Men who did so in the past were attempting to make us their slaves. What a surprise! Men on huge power trips trying to control everyone to assert the superiority of their own egos. And as usual, I'm sure the people were faced with the choice of either believe or die! Ashoka. What an asshole!

I noticed about 20 years ago that all of our supposed "heroes" and "leaders" were fascist assholes. That's when I started fighting with my husband about each and every one of them, taking them down one at a time, while he screamed bloody murder: Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Stan Grof, Alan Watts, the Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese saints, all of his heroes tainted by fascist ideology and women-hatred.

Black people see the same problem, as all over America, and all over the world, we have elevated racist ideologues for centuries, to where a Black person can't go outside without getting killed. Can't stay inside either without getting killed. Can't exist on the planet without getting killed.

And I hold a real bad grudge against Theosophy, the people who say they aren't racists, but they absolutely are. What do you think all that race ideology is about, idiots? "Oh, it's spiritual." So, what's the difference?

But standing behind the Theosophists are the Rosicrucians, the biggest, baddest people who ever lived. They are behind every revolution that ever happened in the world. They are masters of murder and mysticism. The inventors of terrorism.